Next up on my list was 1984, by George Orwell. Given the election events, my mindset was right there going “Uh oh…oh shit…” mode, which made this probably more impactful for me, but nonetheless a great read! 4.5 StarsRead More →

Finished Night Watch as well by Terry Pratchett: The time shifting element combined with the fantasy element really made this hook for me, though I did start finding a few sections a bit tending toward speeches. Of course, I am finding this in some other stuff now too, so maybe I should take a break from reading and write a bit more. 4 starsRead More →

I kick started my reading resolution with Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. What a great book – I read this on a whim when I started getting back into the habit of reading regularly, and it was such a great starter because it had me hooked almost instantly. In mixing things up, I keep finding myself thinking I can’t wait to get back to Gruen. 5 stars!Read More →

Scrivener is a great resource for any writer. Available for Mac and Windows, and iOS tablets, I’ve found it invaluable as a tool so I can write no matter where I go. Tip #1 – I like to use it in conjunction with Dropbox. So, I’ve set a dedicated folder up on Dropbox (the link here is a referral link – it gives me more Dropbox storage, but doesn’t cost you a penny! 🙂 ) to save my files to and Scrivener takes care of the rest. It automatically saves and updates from any device, so anything is always available. Here’s how to set it upRead More →