Macros are another great way to increase your productivity and efficiency and Scrivener has the ability to do this through what the developers call “substitutions”.  So, instead of typing out a lengthy word, you can do it with a macro that you can customize right in Scrivener. Since the last video was pretty well received, here’s another one with a quick 2 minute tutorial on how to create macros in Scrivener for Windows. Enjoy: Got your own idea or question about how to use Scrivener for Windows? Feel free to drop me a line at: planet fiction1 gmail.comRead More →

Scrivener for Windows is so much different from on a Mac, that some of these tips I’ve discovered are actually better shown than written out.  This is likely because many people learn better from visuals and hands on than from text and just audio. Plus, I enjoy creating video content from time to time. So, without further ado, here is a short five minute video I produced on using the compiler utility in Scrivener. Hope you find this helpful.Read More →

Discovered a neat tip in Scrivener today – macros! As a holdover from the IT world of Microsoft supremacy, macros in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access have stuck with me. Once I jumped ship into Scrivener for my writing, I started digging into it as I write more. So, here is Tip #002: First, go to Tools | Options (F12) Then, go to Corrections, check the box to “Enable Substitutions”,  and click the button to Edit Substitutions: Now, click the plus sign and you can add new ones: Think of it like a macro – so instead of typing out an unusual name you’ve developedRead More →

The Microsoft guy in me is used to ALT codes in Word for getting certain symbols, like the ¢ sign, the © symbol, and a host of others. The other half of the problem here is that I should know the codes for using accent marks because I studied Spanish for several years in high school and college.  Thankfully though, I didn’t have to remember where to get them, because Scrivener has the character map functions under the Edit menu:   My only nit here is that the character map window itself is not resizable for these aging eyes, but there it was, the capRead More →

Scrivener is a great resource for any writer. Available for Mac and Windows, and iOS tablets, I’ve found it invaluable as a tool so I can write no matter where I go. Tip #1 – I like to use it in conjunction with Dropbox. So, I’ve set a dedicated folder up on Dropbox (the link here is a referral link – it gives me more Dropbox storage, but doesn’t cost you a penny! 🙂 ) to save my files to and Scrivener takes care of the rest. It automatically saves and updates from any device, so anything is always available. Here’s how to set it upRead More →