Scrivener Tip 003

Scrivener Tip 003

Discovered a neat tip in Scrivener today – macros! As a holdover from the IT world of Microsoft supremacy, macros in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access have stuck with me. Once I jumped ship into Scrivener for my writing, I started digging into it as I write more. So, here is Tip #002:

First, go to Tools | Options (F12)

Then, go to Corrections, check the box to “Enable Substitutions”,  and click the button to Edit Substitutions:

Now, click the plus sign and you can add new ones:

Think of it like a macro – so instead of typing out an unusual name you’ve developed for your story (or stories) every time, you can just use the shortcut you created here.

So, for instance, instead of typing out “Diphtéra” each and every time (a persian kind of paper or papyrus), I recorded the “macro” as D1.



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